Oilserv - Engineering Services

Oilserv Limited is an Oil and Gas EPC (Pipeline & Facilities) company incorporated in 1992 and commenced operation in 1995.

Oilserv pools the expertise of qualified and experienced Engineers and Technicians to provide efficient services for the Energy, Oil and Gas industries. Oilserv also offers services beyond the Nigerian shores especially in the West African sub-region. Get acquainted with the management team.

Oilserv Limited has integrated its strength in the construction of Oil and Gas Pipeline/ Flow line , metering station and facilities technology including maintenance of Oil and Gas pipeline and facilities, fabrication, procurement and project management to offer single point responsibility under stringent delivery schedules, with ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

Our detail design and front end engineering (FEED) support is provided by our affiliate company Frazimex Engineering Limited. Our strong determination to give new definition to the Nigerian content plan and expansion into other African countries, has not only helped in putting us at the fore-front of our contemporaries, but has also provided reasons for us to enhance our resource base in order to compete positively with the multinationals.

Oilserv provides the following services in the oil and gas industry; project management, engineering, procurement, construction / fabrication, installation, commissioning and maintenance. These services are offered on land and swamp terrain. We are in the process of developing our capabilities in offshore terrain. Oilserv always strives to perform its services to the highest quality standards in the industry in accordance with internationally acceptable standards.

Our services cover project management, engineering, procurement, construction/fabrication, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Some other associated areas of operation; which we are involved in, also includes the following:

Thrust-Boring: In the process of executing our pipeline construction works, major roads and railway-crossings are tackled by employing Thrust-Boring System. This enables the crossing of the Highways, and railways, without interfering with vehicular and train traffic.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD): Oilserv Limited uses one of the innovative technologies in Oil and Gas industry, called Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) to direct pipelines across rivers of various width, without obstruction to marine traffic. When employing HDD, anchor blocks and cementing of pipes are not required. Directional boring minimizes environmental disruption and helps to complete the toughest crossings on time and under budget. HDD is also suitable for a variety of soil conditions and jobs including directing of Telecommunication lines, Heavy Duty cables e.t.c. across built-up areas, railways, and across installed facilities.

Welding and Fabrication: Our Extensive experience and capability in welding and fabrication is unequalled. Oilserv has two dedicated and well equipped fabrication workshops for the services of the Land, Swamp and Offshore operations. We undertake fabrication of Spools, Swamp buggies, Mechanical and Structural fabrications, Barges, Platforms, Decks, Jackets, Crude Oil / Product Storage tanks, etc. Our Fabrication is in conformity with ASME B31.4 code, as well as, other internationally acceptable standards and codes.

Welding / Laying of High Density Polyethylene Gas Pipeline (HDPE): Oilserv Limited has all it takes to Weld and Lay HDPE Gas Transmission pipeline. A typical example was the construction of Eight ( 8 ) inch Diameter By Thirteen ( 13 ) KM HDPE Gas transmission pipeline, for the Lagos State Government of Nigeria and Akute Power Limited (APL).

Manifold Construction/Installation: Oilserv Limited has successfully executed the construction and installation of Manifolds in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. A typical example is the 36-inch Trans-Niger Pipeline ( TNP ) Manifold at Ogale, Eleme, Rivers State; which falls within the Ogoni axis of SPDC ( SHELL ) operations.

Pipeline Leak Repairs/Clamping: Oilserv has proven it's strength in the area of pipeline and flow-line leak repairs and clamping services, on land, swamp, canals and river crossings.

Oilserv utilizes specialized equipments (e.g. cold cutters, etc.), tools and Cofferdam technology to offer quick and adequate response to our clients' needs in this arresting the Leak from flowlines and pipelines.. Following the result of our quick intervention, we help curtail associated environmental hazards and pollution. Our ability to communicate with the impacted community using our tested methods has given us unequalled results in this area of work in the Niger Delta of Nigeria.

Cathodic Protection: Oilserv carries out temporal Cathodic protection and Imprest-Current Cathodic protection as an integral part of her scope of activities. Cathodic protection of pipelines is very vital to the pipeline integrity maintenance. We design, construct/install and commission cathodic protection systems on flow-lines, pipelines and facilities.

De-oiling/De-Watering: As part of our services Oilserv undertakes de-oiling and de-watering of oil and gas pipelines respectively. We use various pigging vehicles, chemical/gels and inhibitors (anti-corrosion fluids) in the course of de-watering. Our state-of-the-art HT400 triplex pumps come in handy. We also deploy high capacity air compressors to de-water the line prior to Nitrogen purging / injection of the gas pipeline.